Will McTarsney
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  • T&M
  • Articouture.com
    Duties: Manager and Web Developer constructing the front-end and backend of the website. In addition, create CEO content and managed a creative team of 5 people.
  • Trane and Miles: The Movie
    Duties: Served as the webmaster/programmer for the website.
  • Ten Men on The Field: The Movie
    Duties: Developed the motion graphics for the film and provided consulting services to the website.
  • This is one of my old decommissioned portfolio websites- I love to update and this site is great to see how far along I have evolved. This site was hand coded from scratch and installed as a Wordpress theme.

    If you're looking for someone who can think outside of the box and can produce amazing work in many creative disciplines and software... then look no further! I am available for hire as a Graphic/Web Designer, Programmer or Instructor.

    I have over 16 years professional experience in many multiple creative subjects such as: Branding, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Programming and Motion Graphics. In addition, I have over 4 years professional experience working as a post-secondary instructor. I develop my own curriculum by implementing Instructional Design principles. If you are interested in hiring me, then please email me at: [email protected]


Online Portfolio:
Will McTarsney, MA.Ed

- Instructor: Web, Design & Fine Arts
- Web Design
- Responsive Design
- Programming
- Custom Wordpress Skins
- Graphic Design
- Fine Arts

- Adobe CC
- JQuery/Javascript/AJax/AS3