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Hi! my name is Will McTarsney - Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Developer & University Instructor.

I engage projects with a sound blend of exquisite design approaches that accentuates my lifelong passion for the creative industry. I seek challenges that I could learn and grow from; I thrive in a team which presents the best possible approaches for client satisfaction; I am passionate to create, learn, teach and improve.

As a university instructor I subscribe to constructivism and student-centered approaches which drive choice-driven, creative team oriented working environments. My students are enthusiastic with the simulations that I present in my classroom where they can engage in real-world experiences in developing websites and constructing digital art. I am often regarded as a 'new age' instructor because I believe in bringing in what is relevant and current in the industry into the classroom along with assessment materials which places students in situations where they need to work together to resolve creative problems.

As a graphic & web developer, I work in the field alongside teaching at night which benefits companies I work for greatly because I am exposed to new technology, creative & instructional team-oriented environments. My passion in the creative arts is continuously growing and ever-evolving to the current trends in our industry. I take on a proactive approach and create new designs & technologies. I am ecstatic to help clients plan, approach and develop solutions which are cost effective and exceeds their project expectations.


Dynamic, team spirited and performance driven designer with an extraordinary blend of leadership, instructional and interface industry knowledge.


Passionate in delievering effective multi-media projects and dynamic interfaces with precision and attention to the latest trends.


Experienced interface university professor with mastery in fine arts, graphic design and front-end/backend programming.

"...has an amazing and rare gift to use both sides of his brain to produce attractive designs and front-end/back-end dynamic interfaces. A proven industry professional."

Dr. Shahnaz Lotifipour
Professor, Dept. of Ed/Co-Chair [email protected]

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PomonaTax.com is a website and social media project developed in Wordpress. My involvement in this project was to create the entire website and branding- from creating the brand to registering the URL and setting up SSL certificate. Additionally, I work alongside the client as a Notary Public Agent.

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SanGabrielEstatePlanning.com project required for me to create the brand, images, website, social media environments and business cards/posters to promote estate planning business. I am also on board as a Notary Public Agent.

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CarpeDiemMarkers is a Magento CMS website that I was hired as the web developer/graphic artist. My duties were to upkeep the entire site's content in terms of product information, banners and images; update prices and create email blasts to attract customers.

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I was hired to revamp ArchitectsCornerLA web store to a modern CMS website. My tasks were to create the layout for the entire store with mockups, code using CSS and insert product content in terms of images, descriptions and prices. I also re-keyed the SSL certificate from the company's old web server and participated in the migration process into a new web server.

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CreativeDistance.com (My Personal Business)

CreativeDistance.com is my personal business website intended for contract work and to collaborate with other business professionals in a creative team environment. I came up with the company name, created the brand/logo, coded and developed all of the graphics for the website along with business cards. This site originally started out as my master's project in 2010 and has evolved since.

CreativeDistance provides exceptional quality Web and Educational services. We excel in utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies to maximize productivity to our clients. Our team possess professional qualifications and background industry knowledge to address your immediate needs.

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VisionaryCinema Website

I am the web developer for (producer, director, writer, tenured professor) Scott Essman's Visionary Cinema website along with many other web projects on Scott's films. Project was developed using: Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, SQL. I am also VisionaryCinema's social media specialist: promoting the website through the use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and I frequently post Scott Essman's news articles.

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Every Door Direct Mail

Tasked to construct the front-end and back-end of EDDM US Postal website. The site allows the user to register using a form, login and select the carrier routes depending on a zip locator. After the user inputs the zip locations- they can select the types of sizes and design choices before proceeding to a checkout screen which accepts major credit cards for purchasing. I worked along with a team of 2 other co-workers- my primary job was to design and work with the PHP coding of the website.

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CreatureWrestling.com (My Personal Hobie)

I am very proud of CreatureWrestling because it is quite unlike anything most web developers do nowadays. For one, the website has been in operation since 1999 and has amassed enormous amount of content from stories, graphics and youtube videos. It is my first website that has evolved for a very long time in terms of design and content. If anything, this website shows my strength as a creative writer and creative concept developer- that has used the internet for more than a static medium to sell things on and left alone. Not many can say that they have pursued in adding content for a project for over 17 straight years and applied these skills in the areas of HTML, PHP, CSS and MYSQL.

The website is a simulated wrestling game that anyone can join up for free and compete for virtual wrestling titles by role-playing and match writing. The most unique qualities of the site are also a 100% written bio editor from the ground up and a one-of-a-kind php message board that doesn't exist anywhere else! The site is also a WordPress driven eCommerce (woocommerce) site that accepts orders for products. User can log into the site from either the message board or from the homepage and stay logged in using session variables. This is my own personal project.

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GoAthleteGo Website

Wordpress website for GoAthleteGo.com project. I was tasked to work with the coding of the website in the creative team.

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GoAtheletgo Landing Page

Landing page for client David Brown. Responsive layout and custom-built PHP form with a CRUD (SQL database backend).

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Articouture.com (Website)

For this work, I was the Creative Manager for the company: Articouture, Inc. Along with my duties managing a creative team of 5 people (designs and photographers)- I was the web developer for the company. The main website, Articouture.com, was completely developed and designed by me. The tasks included: registeration of the url, migration of the site from godaddy into bluehost webhost servers, installing Extensive SSL Certificate, installing Wordpress CMS application, installing and customizing Wordpress template, creating and uploading graphics, uploading inventory and management of inventory with WooCommerce plugin (installing appropriate plugins to maximize SEO capabilities such as Google Analytics, WP Smush; working with front-end plugins such as: MailChimp for WordPress Pro, WPBakery Visual Composer, Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Select, Revolution Slider) and operating the company's entire ecommerce online storefronts on Amazon and EBay.

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ACIntimates.com (Website)

An ecommerce store developed for Articouture, Inc to service information to wholesellers about their flagship clothing brand: ACIntimates. Technologies used were: Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3/PHP and Woocomerce Plugin. All graphic banners including the brand logo were designed and uploaded by me for the use of the website.

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Articouture (Social Media)

Along with my duties as a web developer for Articouture, Inc- I was the social media manager overseeing the creation of content; managed and tracked the work efforts of a contractor that posted content on a regular basis using Teamwork project management application . I also took on a hands-on approach and posted social media content as well to maximize productivity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Google+ and PInterest. I created content in the form of graphic banners and supplied posts with hastags aligning to the current trends in the industry across all social mediums that we utilized.

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An eCommerce site developed by a team consisted of: SEO, Graphic Design and Web. I served as the Web Manager for the project- web-host account setup, installation of WordPress, customized the sites theme with HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and PHP, debugged/troubleshooted and trained development team. Project completion was accelerated by working in a team environment and the site was developed, tested and deployed within 3 weeks.

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A responsive driven promotional/inquiry site writen using HTML5/CSS3/PHP/SQL database and bootstrap framework. I served as the Web Manager & Developer for the project. The site featured a login account system and a customized form which would feed user information into a database & send out an email. The site was developed, tested and deployed within 3 weeks.

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Trane And Miles Movie Site

A non-profit website for a short movie by VisionaryCinema

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Ten men On The Field

Website to promote the Ten Men on The Field Movie by Scott Essman. Created graphics, website and motion graphics for the movie.

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Kingwin Website

Designed boxes & newsletters for a wide assortment of computer hardware and accessories. Designed and programmed website which Increased traffic and user functionality.

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Bay Equity

Landing page to assist with refinancing a home. Page is a PURL (Personalized URL) which pre-populates the text fields with user information from the database. Page captures the leads and stores them into the database and accessible via admin-panel. User can use a rate calculator and send an email.

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Landing page to promote the awareness of programs to save your home. Landing page is a PURL (Personalized URL) which pre-populates the text fields with user information from the database. Page captures the leads and stores them into the database and accessible via admin-panel.

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Mark and Al Realty

Personal URL website to information on RSVP Open House in Claremont CA. Viewer can enter a promotion code that will inform them if they won an iPad at the event.

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CreativeDistance Business Card

Business Card for Creative Distance. I made the logo and brand; layout.

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Will McTarsney Business Card

Business card developed for myself. Constructed the logo/brand; layout.

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Articouture Social Banners

Various social media advertisements promoting October Promotional code for purchasing products on Articoture.com

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Kingwin Lazer Logo

Created Lazer brand logo in Adobe Illustrator

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Package Art

Package art for Striker power supply

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Perspective Through Windows

This painting depicts the idea of ascension into another plate of reality in a subjective viewpoint in a multi-perspective of the same room.

One such viewpoint places the viewer in a dream-like world where reality is twisted and deformed. The switch on the central column represents a switch which can turn on or off reality; and the effect of the switch can be seen in the center composition from the light emerging from the window. The other viewpoint is a 3rd person perspective of the afterlife. You are the departed and the on switch represents ascension into the heavens.

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Toybox is an intriguing and a disturbing voyeuristic scene with a viewer looking into a room from an outside window. At a glance, it is rather comical. The figure is peeking into a room where a toy hand is holding onto a toy block with two colors: blue and red. The room has nothing else in it. Just the toyblock. But what could the two colors represent? It is unclear what they represent at first glance- but what is obvious is the two colors are blue and warm contrasts... a contrast that I often infuse with my paintings; a contrast which I identify between good and bad thoughts.

Outside of the room is a wall which is teaming with organic qualities as if it is submerged in water... looking closer into the outside wall you can see bone structures and shell-like features. The same features on the outside wall can be seen superimposed on the figure outside.

When taking into account that the painting is a world where every facet is a part of the viewer- including the realization that the inner wall of the room merges into the viewer's cap outside- this is a self-portrait.

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Showcasing a figure painted in mix media style on zinc plate.

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Animal Kingdom

A painting merging various themes of animal and human interaction in one plane.

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This painting pins a mysterious and ominous contrast towards birth and death.

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"Will is an amazing instructor and always provides subject matter that is current and relevant in the field of design and development"

Student Idea Survey - Art Institute of Orange County

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